Facts and Questions (FAQ)



  1. How many table and how much room do I need for a table?
    The suggested area for Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Craps tables is 10 x 10. This area includes enough space for dealers and players!
    *Note: Some craps tables rented may require some additional space.
20-30 people 3 tables 200-300 sq/ft
30-50 people 4-5 tables 500-650 sq/ft
45-60 people 5 tables 650 sq/ft
60-75 people 6 tables 750 sq/ft
75-85 people 7 tables 850 sq/ft
85-100 people 8 tables 1000 sq/ft


  1. What is a good length of time for an event?
    Casino Night Out requires a 2 hour minimum when dealers are hired with the tables. Table rentals only are not subject to an hourly rate. The ideal length for an event is 4 hours. We have done events as short as 2 hours or as long as 6 hours, with breaks for the dealers. This all depends on your event.
  2. How many people can play at a time at each table? It varies with each game.
  3. Do you supply chips, cards, casino funny money, and everything we need to play? Yes
  4. Can we use real money?
    No, no money is allowed on the table at a time.
  5.  Can you dealers teach the guests how to play the game?
    Yes. At some events tables may be designated as learning tables and others as experiences tables to keep the games moving.
  6. How much casino money should be given to each guest at the beginning of the event?
    $50 to $2000 in casino money for each guest will work for a 4 hours event. Depends on your end of the event goal.
  7. Can we rent tables without dealers? Yes. A refundable damage deposit will apply. (Not available for fundraisers)